About Rose

I’m Rose Bailey, a professional writer and game designer living in Silver Spring, Maryland. I write fiction, and also develop content for tabletop and video games.

Highlights of my career include The Sugar House, an anthology of pulp fantasy fairy tales, Vampire: The Requiem, the latest edition of White Wolf’s popular roleplaying game, and Kiss of the Succubus, an investigation of vampire culture in their own words.

Check out my complete works here.

One thought on “About Rose

  1. Hi Rose,
    Glad to see this blog still going, I check it out from time to time, but it’s been awhile since I’ve last visited. Didn’t know about The Suger House, looks cool, I’ll check it out.

    I’ll be running Cavaliers of Mars at Gen Con again this year (I’m the same guy who ran it with The Wreaking Crew last year). My game plan is to run the quick start again, but if there is anything you want me to test out, I’d be happy to. It was a good time last year, I’m looking forward to running it again.

    You and the Onyx Path team are doing good work, thank you.

    -Louis Garcia
    Dead Gamers Society

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