Gen Con 2016Hi, folks!

I’m attending Gen Con Thursday through Saturday.

I’ll be at the Onyx Path booth (#1201) at various times throughout the convention, talking about my work on both Worlds of Darkness and Cavaliers of Mars.

Demos for Cavaliers will be running at the booth throughout the con, including Sunday, when they’ll be in the hands of writers extraordinaire Danielle Lauzon and Meghan Fitzgerald.

I’ll also have a few copies of The Sugar House and Stars of the North with me to sell or trade.

Finally, I’ll be part of the following panels:

SEM1686450: Freelancing for Onyx Path
Crowne Plaza Hotel Indianapolis-Downtown, Grand Central Ballroom
Thursday 2:00pm in EDT

SEM1686451: Storytelling Tips & Tricks for Onyx Path Games
Crowne Plaza Hotel Indianapolis-Downtown-Pennsylvania Station A
Thursday 5:00pm in EDT

SEM1686453: What is Chronicles of Darkness?
Crowne Plaza Hotel Indianapolis, Grand Central Ballroom A
Friday 3:00pm in EDT

SEM1686454: What is Dark Eras?
Crowne Plaza Hotel Indianapolis-Downtown, Grand Central Ballroom D
Saturday 10:00am in EDT

SEM1686455: What’s Up with Trinity, Scion, and Scarred Lands?
Crowne Plaza Hotel Indianapolis-Dwtn Grand Central Ballroom A in Indianapolis, Indiana
1:00pm in EDT

SEM1686456: Dive into Pugmire & Cavaliers of Mars
Crowne Plaza Hotel Indianapolis-Dwtn Conrail in Indianapolis, Indiana
3:00pm in EDT

I hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Gen Con 2016

  1. Hi Rose!

    I hope the convention treated you well, I was sad that I didn’t have a chance to catch you at the Onyx Path booth to check out Cavaliers of Mars. Schedule got the best of me this year, perhaps next time. Looking forward to Secrets of the Covenants and Thousand Years of Night in a big, big way!

    -Dan (Smarmy Vamp)

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