Happy new year, everyone!

I haven’t gotten Fantasy Heartbreaker back off the ground yet, but I’ve been pretty busy with gaming stuff. I’ve taken another day job in video games, and I’ve been hard at work on tabletop stuff, mainly for White Wolf/Onyx Path.

The next big Vampire book is Blood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicle. This is a massive book combining a new setting with a top-to-bottom overhaul of the Requiem rules. The rules are being playtested openly. Here are the dev blogs I’ve posted:

Diehard GameFAN has also named Blood Sorcery their 2012 sourcebook of the year. We’re in good company, alongside Shadows of Esteren and Cthulhu By Gaslight, among others.

I can honestly say without hesitation that Blood Sorcery is the best Vampire: The Requiem book I’ve read in a very long time (perhaps even since the inception of the line) and it really gives Storytellers and players alike some truly terrific ideas to play with. Theban and Cruac players rejoice, as White Wolf has given you the best sourcebook of 2012.

–Diehard GameFAN

Thanks, DGF!

Cavaliers of Mars is coming along, and we’re looking at a really interesting online project as part of that. More news soon, hopefully.

Hope your new year’s looking as promising as mine!

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