The Tremere

Vampire: The Requiem

A game of modern gothic storytelling. A game about you.

Long ago, a group of vampires sought a bargain with a Strix. They asked for the power to call down dreams and reshape the world to match their nightmares.

The Strix bade them: “Gorge yourselves upon the blood of peasants.”

The vampires did so, but they did not gain the power they had asked for. They returned to the Strix.

The Strix bade them: “Gorge yourselves on the blood of lords.”

The vampires set upon the lords and kings of every land, but they did not gain the power they had asked for. They returned in a rage to the Strix.

The Strix bade them: “Gorge yourself on the blood of wizards.”

The vampires flew across the land, scooping witches from their hovels and towers, and dragging them before the Strix and then devouring them. But the mages’ blood burned inside them, and destroyed them like sun from within. The mages, meanwhile, rose from the dead.

“Look around you, my children,” said the Strix, “for I have cleared a kingdom for you to rule.”

And with the Strix in their ears and thoughts and blood, the wizards raised the dead kings to rule and the dead peasants to serve. And they ruled the land, and named it Mu, and the eldest of them they named Tremere.

Tonight, the Tremere remain. They have the greed of mages and the hunger of vampires. They must feed only rarely, but in the most gruesome fashion. Their victims live, yes, but with neither heart nor soul, and little more than automatons. Even larvae have a better half-life.


This is a bit from my Requiem games and notes. I tossed it out on the White Wolf forums recently, and I thought it’d be fun to post it here, as well. First of several Vampire treats I have for the near future.

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