Know Your Monsters: Robgoblin


Level 2
Small Humanoid (delinquent)

Number appearing: 4-12
Habitat: Any, but there are often football posters

As misshapen and mischievous as any goblin, the robgoblin had a degenerate youth and got mixed up in potions and gangs. Some have even been to goblin prison, and come back with tattoos both fearsome and salacious. Others have been kicked out of goblin militias, and you know how hard that is. Robgoblins operate in small bands, but can be extremely well-organized for a group of creatures which do so much cackling.

There is usually a reward for returning a lone robgoblin home to his parents. Happy reunions are unlikely, however, as he usually learned it by watching them.


  • Rob: If they roll a critical, robgoblins may steal an item from an adventurer.

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