Know Your Monsters: Night Gaunts

Night Gaunts

Level ?

Number Appearing: ?
Habitat: Wherever you are sleeping

Night gaunts ravage unprotected camp sites, leaving no survivors and only the tiniest and grossest traces of bodies (such as bloody toes). They are believed to attack in total darkness, like the grue, but this is largely presumed because no one has ever seen one, ever. It is possible that night gaunts were created as the monsters under adventurers’ beds, but the lack of beds in use by adventurers has caused them to evolve into grislier and even more invisible forms.

Do not sleep in the wilderness without protection, or the night gaunts will get you.

Do not sleep in inns without protection, either, especially with the serving staff, but you are an adult and we should not have to tell you this.

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