Know your Monsters: Monkbat


Level 2
Small Semi-Humanoid (religious)
Number Appearing: 1-100
Habitat: Ruins

Monkbats are lesser imps who inhabit abandoned holy places. Resembling bat-winged, pot-bellied and tonsured chimpanzees, these creatures live in the style of a religious brotherhood. One in ten casts spells as a cleric, and one in any lair will be a robed Abbat.

Monkbats attack by throwing gruel and their own particular brewed beer. Typically, they grow the grain and hops themselves, though they have been known to trade for supplies with local townsfolk and denizens of the lower planes. They will also rob merchants carrying necessary supplies, sometimes in the company of goblins.

Qualities: 1 in 10 monkbats has the following:

  • Miracle working: Casts as a level 3 cleric.

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