Know Your Monsters: Iron Devil

Iron Devil

Level 9
Medium Armored (exterminate)
Number Appearing: 1
Habitat: Graves, Caverns

Before he was imprisoned beneath the earth, the god Loki passed the fiercest of his followers through a fire, burning each down to a single, ever-hot cinder of purest hate and resentment. He implanted the cinders in iron shells, with the horned helms of the most fearsome raiders and stout construction resembling kegs of the heartiest ale. Each stares its hate at the world with a single, unblinking eye. He set them sentinels over buried ships and treasures, to mercilessly destroy any plunderer with their beams of divine fire.

The Iron Devils are widely considered Loki’s greatest achievement or greatest failure: a race of monster with absolutely no sense of humor.

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