Know Your Monsters: Deep Goblin

Deep Goblin

Level 4
Small Humanoid
Number Appearing: They don’t appear. But there are usually 1-100 of them.
Habitat: Caverns, Ruins

Deep goblins are goblins that have lost their sight due to living underground for long periods of time. They find their way by listening to the echoes of running water along cavern walls. They can do this with great accuracy. However, they can’t see quite as well as those who have working eyes, so they have perfected a sort of magical darkness they can spring on spying spelunkers. This darkness first extinguishes all light sources, then irritates the eyes, causing blindness for several hours.

The goblins usually leave disposal of these intruders to the grue, but, if in a generous mood, may invite the intruders to share their community and be rehabilitated.


  • Darkness Cloud: Extinguishes all light sources. Causes blindness for 1d6 hours.

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