Know Your Monsters: Chiroptarach


Level 1

Small Vermin

Number Appearing: 1-10

Habitat: Woods, Caverns, Ruins

To describe a chiroptarach as a bat-winged spider is to understate just how gross their hairy little legs are. (Hairy feet, of course, are a noble mammalian tradition.) The chiroptarach’s features vary: some have the eight eyes of a spider while others have the two red eyes of the typical giant bat. Their exact number of legs may also vary, or perhaps they are just difficult to count when they wriggle so much.

Chiroptarachs like to infest rafters, caverns, and the hair of adventurers.


  • Headgrab: On a successful melee attack, the chiroptarach grabs the adventurer’s head. This is gross, and requires a successful melee attack to dislodge. Any 1s on the attack roll damage the grabbed adventurer.

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