The Swords of Lankhmar at Grognardia

James Maliszewksi has updated his Pulp Fantasy Library with a note on The Swords of Lankhmar. He quotes the opening scene, which is of particular interest to me, since that scene’s the single largest influence on the mechanics of To Seek Adventure, my game of buddy adventure. In 2SA, the action scenes unfold through call-and-response, which is directly tied into an economy of dice between the players.

The Swords of Lankhmar is notable for being the only full-volume novel in the adventures of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. It’s one of their best adventures, with some of the best Mouser scenes ever, including his assignations with Hisvet and his infiltration of Lankhmar Below. Fafhrd doesn’t get quite as much attention, but his interactions with the pair’s quasi-parental wizardly mentors are priceless.

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