Power. Danger. Mystery. Romance.

World of Darkness

For the last few years, alongside developing Vampire: The Requiem, I’ve been working as a content designer on White Wolf’s next generation online game, World of Darkness.

Last night, World of Darkness was announced to White Wolf’s fans at The Grand Masquerade. I’m extremely proud.

This actually isn’t much of a change for me; I’ve already been doing this job for years. I’ll be keepin’ on with it, along with developing Vampire: The Requiem as a tabletop RPG. But now y’all know. And hopefully you’ve got a glimpse of how cool it will be.

Thank you all for taking me this far. The sun’s setting, friends, and we’re going to have a hell of a time together after dark.

6 thoughts on “Power. Danger. Mystery. Romance.

  1. I feel a little bummed for you, that you are missing out on the Grand Masqurade fun, but I appreciate that you are providing clarification and comments on many of the Grand Masquarde threads on RPG.net and the White Wolf forums. You’re kinda carrying the torch for all of us that are missing it too.

  2. While I’m sure the Masquerade is a great time, I don’t mind holding down the fort. I’ve been really happy to see and hear about the reaction online.

    I mean, panties wet. I usually have to publish a whole book for that.

  3. I was surprised to hear that WoDO is based on WtM and not WtR. I can’t wait to hear more about why the old setting of WtM was chosen.

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