I was a vampire for the JLA, part 2

Vampire: The Masquerade AnkhSo, there I was, trapped in a world I never made. A vampire. A mad, bloodthirsty creature of the night. And also a Superfriend.

Join me for part two of this epic three-part novel. Not a hoax! Not a dream! But definitely a con!

The next night, after some shopping in the exhibit hall and a meeting with my friend Beth, I headed to the game. I was wearing a black, sueded button-down shirt, open in the front and with the sleeves rolled up. My hair was in mini-spikes. I had green suede bracers on each wrist.

And I had on one very special t-shirt. In the exhibit hall, I’d grabbed a black shirt with an outlined Green Lantern emblem on it. In the center of the lantern design, I’d placed a glow-stick style green disc I’d gotten from the nVidia booth.

Oh, and I had a ring. I didn’t have to tell you that, though, did I?

I met up with my coterie-mates. Lynda was a trenchcoated, tank-topped Spider-Man. Ross (“Wayne”) was wearing a distressed-metal Batman tee. And the wonderful Mel the Malkavian had a t-shirt depicting the entire Silver Age League, as well as Spider-Man and Hawkgirl puppets.

We were officially the goth Justice League. Needless to say, the STs appreciated the effort.

(I should note, at this point, that we were dressed based on what cool stuff we could come up with, rather than what our stats said we were. I’ll fill you guys in on the original sheets later, when I dig my packet out of my luggage.)

Things got off to a good start, with the Sabbat and the Camarilla forming a tenuous alliance to take out a Baali lair. A group of Tremere were organized to do some kind of a ritual.

It got stranger as the first hour moved along, though. Even though we were beginning to notice themes among the other kindred (there were Star Trek and Avengers groups, though they hadn’t noticed), we also couldn’t help but notice that the entire population of the LARP was being organized into combat teams based on their weapon specializations. And that the villains were getting power-creepier. We were now up against a Nictuku (a really nasty geezer Nosferatu) as well as a recently awoken Baali named Mary the Black…

Actually, I was unclear on this. At first, we were told that the Baali were trying to turn Mary the Black. Then, it started to sound like she was the mastermind. Then it went back the other way.

But we were busy. We were trying to get the National Guard pulled out of the infernalist lair before they got slaughtered. Fortunately, two STs told us that was taken care of.

So, anyway, to cut a long story short: we ended up at the lair. And by “we,” I don’t just mean us Superfangs. I mean the whole damn LARP.

The Great Vampire Dungeon Crawl had begun.

Tune in Monday for the exciting conclusion featuring… The Sniper!

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