“how to roleplay as doctor on a guy”

Somebody searched us up that way. I’ll admit, it’s important. When a guy asks you to roleplay the Doctor, what do you do?

  • Talk first: As the Doctor, the most dangerous thing you can do is talk. It’s the thing your enemies should never, ever allow you to do, but you always do it. When roleplaying, keep up the banter. If nothing seems relevant, go irrelevant. You’ll find a use for it later.
  • Get a coat: Just about every version of the Doctor has a coat, jacket, or other unique outerwear. Need I mention the scarf? You probably don’t want to go too far into fancy dress,1 but pick a coat that says something about you, the Doctor.
  • Humans, you love them: Even in your grumpiest incarnations, you love humans. You love everybody else in the universe, too, almost to a fault, but humans are pretty much your favorite species. Always so curious, like cats. In fact, a couple milennia on, some of them will be cats. And isn’t just like a cat (or a human) always to turn up where they shouldn’t be, wide-eyed and looking for…?
  • Run for your life! Running is the key element of your character. It’s the easiest thing for you to do, and every time you’re faced with a difficult decision, it’s the instinct you fight down. The Doctor fears responsibility. The Doctor must take responsibility. The Doctor doesn’t know just how far his responsibility extends.
  • Get a Sonic Screwdriver: A few Doctors lacked them, yes, but it’s quite the handiest tool you can have. Key to the universe, opens everything, from doors to rifts to companions’ shirt-buttons. Trust me, that guy will be expecting this one.
  • Careful on the historical references: You probably were there for all the important bits, or you will be at some point, but you really shouldn’t mention it more than once an episode or so.
  • Don’t Explain: Once you’re in the Doctor zone, a good deal of what you say won’t make any sense to your companions. Remember, this is part of your charm. Undercut it occasionally by offering a concise explanation or admitting you just made the last bit up. It’ll keep a guy guessing.
  • Show it in the eyes: You are unbelievably ancient, unbelievably sad, unbelievably alone. And you’ve done it to yourself. Show that in your eyes, especially at the moment the guy most wants to kiss you.

Thanks for the question, reader! I hope this helps you and your guy!

  1. Russell T. Davies felt this was a particular danger of the series.

3 thoughts on ““how to roleplay as doctor on a guy””

  1. If you’re playing the Doctor as written by Steven Moffat, leave abruptly and reappear carrying on the same conversation out of order.

  2. Aditionally, don’t forget to have a catch-phrase, such as “Allons-y”, or “Geronimo.”

  3. Uniquely adorkable. However, I have to object to the ‘Allons-y’ bit, because now everyone thinks I’m quoting Dr (fucking) Who, as opposed to mocking my crazy-ass 10th grade French teacher who was made of equal parts methylated amphetamines and all the breathy mannnerisms of an 19th century princess.

    ….Though, to be fair, I haven’t really noticed him append ‘motherfuckers’ the way I do, so I’m going to keep attempting to reclaim my catchphrase via vulgarity.

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