Check out my Patreon for exciting, compact games monthly!

When I love something, I make it into a game. And that means I write a lot of games! I’ve launched a Patreon to polish and lay them out.

Games so far:

  • Beautiful Anomalies, a 100-page anniversary game about time travel, angels, robot cats, and most of all caring.
  • BLAZON, cosmic superheroes in a universe of Law and Chaos.
  • Bright and Terrible, swords and tragedy in the vein of Michael Moorcock and Tanith Lee.
  • Die For You, the game of monsters and feels. (Free sample copy.) (Also available from DriveThruRPG.)
  • The Shadow of Golgotha, gothic fantasy inspired by the Norman Conquest and Castlevania.
  • Sharded, fantasy noir where death is not the end.
  • State Machine, android espionage in the not-too-distant future.