Cavaliers of Mars Demo Kit

Cavaliers of Mars
Cavaliers of Mars
Cavaliers of Mars

Hi, folks! I ran demos of Cavaliers at Mars at our booth throughout Gen Con, and the Wrecking Crew did the same thing in our game room. We had a blast playing the game with folks, and I thought I’d share the short demo kit I was using in the booth.

The rules packet covers the core resolution system and the combat engine, trimmed down from the latest playtesting documents. The included characters show a range of careers and traits, but there are even more in the full game. And those come together in the scenario, an action scene where you can go blade-to-blade with the Princess Invincible herself.

Click here to view it.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

One thought on “Cavaliers of Mars Demo Kit

  1. Is this available for download still or mirrored anywhere? I bought the full version of Cavaliers of Mars recently and am trying to find the demo kit for the adventure but the link says you need access to view the file even if you are logged in with gmail.

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