Die For You

Die For You logoYou may remember that a few months back, I was inspired by the Carmilla web series to create Die For You, a game of angsty supernatural drama that’s not quite as heavy as the stuff I do for my day job.

Well, Carmilla has a new season (you should really go and watch), and, to celebrate, I’m releasing Die For You as a fully laid-out PDF. This new edition cleans up the text, clarifies a few things, and adds a few random tables to get your game started.

My original design notes are here. I hope you enjoy the game!

2 thoughts on “Die For You”

  1. Hello Rose,

    I liked this short game a lot and I’d like it to be more accessible to french gamers like me.
    Would it be OK for you if I translated the game in French and published it on my website for free (obviously linking back here and giving you full credit) ?

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