The Sugar House in print and other news

Large Heart ContainerThe Sugar House: The Adventures of Sasha Witchblood, is now in print. If you’ve been waiting to pick up my collection of pulp fantasy fairy tales, now you can hold them in your very hands!

You can get it from Amazon (where the Kindle version is also still available) and from Lulu. Judging from the proofs, the Amazon print job looks slightly better. DriveThruFiction will be coming soon.

I’ve also finished the manuscript for the second Sasha collection, tentatively titles Stars of the North. Join Sasha as she adventures from the northern reaches of Bifrost to the icy wastes of Siberia. The ending of this one rather surprised me as I wrote it.

Finally, I’ve updated the site design. I wanted to focus more on my current projects, like Sasha, Cavaliers of Mars, and Vampire. Plus, well, I needed to move out of 2009.

Time to charge forward into 2015!

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