A Trailer

The sound of bagpipes. “Amazing Grace.”

The camera pans across a row of coffins draped in American flags. A scrap of metal-plating lies at the end of the field. It reads “Monitor 0-X.”

GRUFF MILITARY VOICE: “We’re gathered here today to pay tribute to the crew of the Monitor. Lost in our first contact with as-yet-unidentified extra-terrestrial forces. One hundred and one souls…”

Fade to black.

Fade in on a fighter plane streaking across a blue sky.

MALE COMMS VOICE: “Destiny, this is Cloudbase One. Please report.”

FEMALE COMMS VOICE (DESTINY): “Cloudbase One, there’s something up here. Over.”

MALE COMMS VOICE: “We’re not reading anything, Destiny. Please clarify.”

POV, Destiny’s cockpit. We see something decelerating through Earth’s atmosphere, red hot.

MALE COMMS VOICE: “Destiny, please clarify.”

The huge, black shape is cooling. It’s a space-ready battleship.

We hear that BWOMP noise from all the other trailers.

DESTINY: “My God…”

It turns, and gunports open on the side.


DESTINY: “It’s Monitor!”

The guns open fire. Screen and audio dissolve in a burst of static.

Cut to grainy, jumpy footage of a firefight. British soldiers are getting cut down left and right. As each one falls, his duplicate appears on the other side.

We see one officer, in a red uniform, dart across the battlefield, firing at the doppelgangers. He pulls two of his men behind some convenient sandbags…

…and is shot in the back. The camera zooms slowly out as a dark stain spreads across his uniform.

Our view is obscured by dust, and we fade to…

… a grizzled colonel in a white uniform facing a conference table full of shadowy figures. He’s the voice from the beginning of the trailer.

COLONEL: “There’s no other possibility. Everything they destroy…”

Cut to a plane exploding under a hail of missile fire.

COLONEL: “…everyone they kill…”

Cut to the face of the man in the red uniform. Pale, dead, in the mud.

COLONEL: “…falls under their complete control.”

Cut to the battlefield from earlier, the doppelganger British soldiers marching across it. There’s just a hint of static waver, making them look like ghosts.

COLONEL: “Except for him.”

Cut back to the face of the man in the red uniform. His eyes snap open. For a moment, there’s a weird blue glow in them.

Music increases by a bunch of beats per minute.


The man in the red uniform, now cleaned up walking forward and shooting at a group of doppelgangers. One of them throws a grenade. Slow motion as it explodes, ripping the man apart…


…then slow motion as his body _rewinds_, coming back together like a jigsaw puzzle.


Back to the conference table, an older gentleman speaks up.

OLDER GENTLEMAN: “But can we trust him?”

Music continues to increase tempo.

Cut back to the man in the red uniform, bashing heads and kicking out knees on a group of doppelgangers.

Close up on the Colonel.

COLONEL: “If we can’t…”

Destiny’s plane again, flying over what appears to be Martian terrain. We see a closeup on her hitting a button, and the man, now in a red spacesuit, tumbles out of the plane, falling, until his parachute opens.

Back to the Colonel.

COLONEL: “…we might as well join them.”

We see the man, still in his spacesuit, now surrounded by a maze of gears and hovering metal plates, roughly orbiting him. A synthetic voice speaks to him.

VOICE: “Do you even know who you are?”

Close on the man’s helmet, reflecting back the gears and plates.

MAN: “Service number J-58196.”

He takes off a his helmet, with a hiss of escaping air.

We see his face. Handsome. Healed. Eyes an unnatural glowing blue.

MAN: “Captain Scarlet.”


TITLE: “06-03-2013”

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