Story of the Year

It’s been one year exactly since I was laid off from CCP. Feels like longer.

What have I been up to?

I took a job with ZeniMax and moved to Baltimore. Great team, great project… but my partner couldn’t make the move, so I’m headed back to Georgia. Between that and some other personal life stuff, I’m pretty happy.

We announced the Onyx Path and the new White Wolf schedule. That’s a huge deal for me. There aren’t many things more important to me professionally than Vampire, and all of the effort involved in getting it together was worth it. We’ve also got Cavaliers of Mars on deck for release in 2013.

We started open development on Sexmurder, the most exciting Requiem project since The Danse Macabre. My team’s been trucking along, doing a lot of great work that you’ll see over the next few months.

We released the quick start for Cavaliers of Mars, to a lot of downloads and positive attention. That project’s still on its way, and I’ll be back to it just as soon as I’ve got the next Vampire book and the new Demon out to writers.

I got a Requiem tattoo.

I’ve barely updated the blog at all. I’m going to make an effort to address that in the future. I couldn’t talk much about what I was up to at ZeniMax, and I frankly didn’t have much free time.

So, busy year. Good year. Time to get back to work.

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