Cavaliers of Mars rules announcement

Cavaliers of Mars

Cavaliers of Mars

In addition to Wushu, Cavaliers of Mars will ship with swashbuckling rules powered by Barbarians of Lemuria and Honor + Intrigue.

Some of the earliest playtests of Cavaliers of Mars were done with Barbarians of Lemuria, and Honor + Intrigue takes the game to the next level in providing exciting melee combat.

Cavaliers will feature new stealth infiltration and chase mechanics, as well as a number of other new, light subsystems.

The game will ship dual-statted for both Wushu and Barbarians. I’ll be posting some dev blogs in the future talking about the adaptation process.

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  1. James Hutchings


    Can I ask how you got the ‘raised’ letters on the word ‘Mars’?


  2. Russell Bailey

    Couldn’t tell you, James. That was done by the publisher.

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