A Different Space Combat System

In the thread on my previous space combat system, Morten asked about something more in the vein of Mouse Guard. Well, here’s just such a system.

These are rules for any conflict, but mainly space combat. Dice pool system, vaguely nWoD.In any conflict, there’s a leader and a crew. The leader decides two things: the crew’s order of actions, and how to distribute his leadership dice.

These are the main actions:


A crew’s Disposition is the leader’s Leadership skill, plus something else. If it’s ship combat, it’s the ship’s defense rating. If it’s a surface firefight, it’s the number of people in the landing party.

Actions are decided privately a set number in advance, based on the range:

Close (2)
Medium (3)
Far (4)

After Disposition drops below half, characters have to make Saves after a successful attack. The character with the lowest save is taken out of action for a number of turns equal to the attack success. (This represents consoles blowing up or lasers hitting people.) (NPCs roll only one die, and may suffer fatal damage immediately at the GM’s discretion.)

If action A counters action B, subtract the successes of action A from those of action B. Action A’s effect occurs unmodified.

“Attack approach. Fire all batteries.”
Counters: Maneuver
Countered By: Evade
Roll your attack dice. Reduce the enemy’s Disposition by the number of successes.

“Bring us about, ensign. Mark 2 point 2 8.”
Counters: Evade
Countered By: Attack
Roll your maneuver dice. Your next action gets a bonus equal to twice your successes. If you have any successes, you may choose to increase or decrease range.

“Evasive action. Get us out of his fire!”
Counters: Attack
Countered By: Maneuver
Roll your evade dice. The successes add to your Disposition, which can’t increase beyond its original size.

“I’ve rerouted power to the main batteries / from the thrust controller.” (2)
“You’re all brave officers, / and my days serving with you have been a privilege. / Let’s make sure there are many more to come.” (3)
No Counters
Make a short speech, Wushu-style. 1 die per detail/salient point. For each success, you have dice you can add to any future action. The leader may add these dice to the action of any member of the crew..

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