Know Your Monsters: Snakkubus

The Snakkubus
The Snakkubus


Level 4
Medium Semi-Humanoid (nekkid)
Number Appearing: 1
Habitat: Moors, Mires, an abandoned shrine you’ll find by accident

The snakkubus is a sort of minor goddess or demon that dwells in the Grimbog. She has the upper body of a woman, the lower body of a snake, and the upper body of a snake somewhere in-between the two. When disturbed, she typically attacks with the jaws of her midsection, the fangs of which carry a lethal poison.

While there are varying reports of whether or not she is a single creature or a community, most adventurers agree that it’s unlikely an entire tribe could have such fantastic… eyes. The snakkubus can take the form of a beautiful female human or elf, but doesn’t, because she has a positive body image.


  • Slithering Slide: The snakkubus’ movement cannot be blocked by an adventurer.
  • Poison: Any adventurer against whom the snakkubus rolled a critical hit during a fight must, at the end of the fight, take another attack from her, whether or not she still lives. 

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