Know Your Monsters: Owl Bear

Owl Bear

Level 3
Large Owl Bear
Number Appearing: 1
Habitat: Caverns, Woods

Mathematics dictates that some bears will be smarter than the average bear. But possessing the wisdom (and head) of an owl, this bear is even smarter than that, and not included in the aforementioned averages because of discrimination. Probably this bear would have better scores than you, if it had had the same advantages in life and not squandered them on being an adventurer.

Owl bears are typically peaceable, so long as no one messes with them. They often perpetrate cunning traps and elaborate revenges against those who cross them. Those they tear to shreds with beak and claws are usually those who only tweaked them a little bit.


  • Grab: On a successful melee attack, the owl bear grabs one adventurer. A successful melee attack on the bear releases the grab, but a roll of 5 or less also hits the adventurer.
  • Bear Trap: Any owl bear lair is likely to contain a trap. Roll 1d6; on a roll of 3 or less, the trap is a pit trap, on a roll of 4-5 a jaw trap, on a roll of 6 the trap involves another monster.

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