this is what they want

World of DarknessThe World of Darkness is about THINGS BLOWING UP and PEOPLE GETTING KICKED. And most especially it is about CROSSOVER.

When the Pentex Corporation1  formed an elite force of monsters to test out new Weapons of Mad Destruction, they didn’t expect the bastards to go rogue. Or start saving people. They most especially did not expect them to escape with a copy of the Gehenna Programme and go on a fucking road trip to stop Pentex.

Vampire: Lucita. Her name’s Lucita. Like it’s engraved on the katana, see? She’s a Spanish Lady, and you better not forget that. She is most certainly not Luci Westenra of London, nor does she have four convictions for exposing herself to young boys. Despite the accent.

Werewolf: His real name is a series of grunts and growls your stupid human tongue cannot pronounce. If you must give him a name, let it be written in your blood and entrails. And let it be spelled KILLFUCK SOULSHITTER.

ChangelingBear: Bear is not a fairy. He’s straight. There just seems to be some confusion over that ghost that lives in his balloon. Bear doesn’t like your attitude, hairless one.

Mage: Mage isn’t sure whether he exists or not. He’s especially not sure when he’s talking to Bear’s balloon. He’s pretty sure he knows the nature of reality, though. Or at least he can narrow it down to a few possibilities. One of which involves you exploding. Bai!

The nextwod team have a pocket universe in the trunk of a convertible and all of the firepower you can imagine inside. They are supremely well equipped to shoot and explode anything they may have to to save America.

Fortunately, Pentex has Sam Haight on their side. He has the powers of all supernatural beings, ever. Even some you haven’t heard of. True, once, he got turned into an ashtray, but he fixed that by killing the only dinosaur that remembered he was an ashtray. Killing him TO DEATH. (Mage claims to understand this. Mage may not exist.)

Sam’s leading an army one shitload strong of Fomori.2 And he’s got an assistant, Hunter, who hears things wrong sometimes but is a good kid, anyway. And has some friends online that know things. LEARNING IS GOOD.

  1. An imprint of the Technocracy, or perhaps the other way around — bit of confusion over the merger.
  2. Mutants. Some of them have savage genitalia.

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  1. The first decade of the 21st Century was a time of atrocities: Bin Laden attacking the WTC; the US conquering Iraq; Marvel cancelling Nextwave . . .

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