Know Your Monsters: Grue


Level 5
Large Beast (presumably)
Number Appearing: a
Habitat: Colossal caves, Twisty little passages

When you are exploring a dungeon, and your torch goes out, you are likely to be eaten by a grue. Possibly an impatient sort of night gaunt, this creature is known for its rapid attack, leisurely dining habits, and extreme cleanliness. If the lights are, by some miracle, turned back on, your companions will find that you have been very neatly cut apart for food, elegant utensils have been used, and that there is no trace of the grue who did this to you.

The grue is likely to be a relative of the night gaunt, or a particularly large variety of deep goblin. If you should ever wish for one to attack you, it is advisable to extinguish your torch and loudly call it a “mendicant.”

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