I’m not Debbie. I’m not even Elfstar. But…

Sid Vicious, Red Box Dungeons & Dragons
Jack Chick would only fear this image more if it was the Virgin Mary

…Fantasy Heartbreaker is the number one Google result for “Elfstar.” This is, of course, thanks to the massive and generous linking of Whatever Happened to Elfstar?, far and away my most popular entry. Eight months later, I believe this is still the only Jack Chick femslash available. I’m rather proud.

Jack Chick’s original “Dark Dungeons” doesn’t even make the first page. I guess he needs to revisit his SEO strategy.

FH is also the number one result for “Warhammer BSDM.” I’m afraid the link is somewhat disappointing, though.

Thanks, everyone.

One thought on “I’m not Debbie. I’m not even Elfstar. But…

  1. If Sid really had been on the cover back then, I can only imagine how epically twisted my adolescence would have become. Just a couple years sooner, perhaps, but still twisted…

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