The Swordsman’s Alphabet: Adept

A is for Adept. Font by Ragnarok Press.
A is for Adept

A is for Adept. Adepts are devotees of the dark arts, casters of curses, and searchers after the better-left-unknown. They acknowledge all gods but worship none, instead resenting all beings of greater knowledge and potency than themselves.

Where one finds an adept, one will often find her master or apprentice, as well. Frequently, these relationships end in treachery. The wise swordsman will draw from this the knowledge that equal levels of power and ambition should be sought in a relationship, lest one party slay the other in jealousy.

Adepts are frequently and frustratingly the source of quests, having put a curse on you or placed you under a geas to retrieve some obscure reagent. They are dangerous foes, for while they often let their bodies go to waste in the process of grotesquely overdeveloping their minds, they are served by strange familiars and have their capacities augmented by unnatural forces.

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