Know Your Monsters: Kobold

Level 3
Small Humanoid (draconic)
Number Appearing: 10-100
Habitat: Caverns, Dragon lairs, Bachelor pads
Kobolds are small, excitable monsters with a tendency to hoard treasure with an aim towards long-term investment.
Dragons are at the center of your typical kobold’s life problems, being as the kobold is an offspring of dragon and dwarf that both refuse to talk about or to except when they need a loan. Dragons, particularly, tend to feel that kobolds owe them, can’t handle themselves on their own, and are quite happy to keep them living at home just so long as they pay rent.
Kobolds are tribal, in the sense that they tend to set up little communities with their brothers, sisters, and deadbeat cousins. Whether or not kobolds can have children of their own is a subject of much debate, most of it around whether their parents would disown them and whether or not they should care.

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  1. This fits all the known facts.

    Except that actual-German-folklore nonsense, but who ever believed that?

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