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Justin’s been blogging about his solo 4e campaign, something I find fascinating. I’ve used the technique of adversarial narration in my conventional writing. (Hero does this, world does that.)

I’m thinking of running a similar game of my own, but I’ll have to distill the wealth of ideas and tools I have down to just a few. Here are some:

  • The Judges’ Guild Wilderlands products, as updated by Necromancer Games, provide a rich world with hex-by-hex coolness.
  • Trollbabe boils Conanesque adventure to a beautiful, simple art. Its mechanics could, in some ways, run themselves… though that idea might somewhat horrify Ron.
  • Elegia synthesizes some of the experiences of single player console RPGs into a simple set of mechanics that could potentially be light enough to use in single player sandbox.
  • How to Host a Dungeon provides an interactive process for creating the geographical environments of dungeons.
  • And then, of course, there’s the Sekrit Old Middle School Gaming Project, which could provide a core system.
  • I have some ideas about Vampire and Damnation City, but those are for another time.

Justin went directly for playing both sides of 4e encounters as his core mechanism, which I really like. I’m thinking something slightly different, perhaps along the lines of say yes or face the dungeon.

4 thoughts on “Solo Roleplaying Games

  1. How To Host a Dungeon is a really simple, really fun game. I can’t recommend it enough. And as a suggestion, turning it into a drinking game can have some hilarious and high-fun consequences as well.

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